Our Love Story

We now know that what may have seemed to have been a chance meeting one spring weekend at Trinity College was truly fate. From that moment, we found any opportunity to spend time together including a drive through Hartford, Connecticut that led to our first date at a Polish Street Fair.   
After graduation, Emma went to NYC for work and Owen to Boston. A lot of time was spent traveling between the two cities, and with each visit their commitment grew. With a new job opportunity in Boston, Emma moved back home. Thrilled to spend more time together we explored Boston and the Cape where we both have strong family connections and memories. With Emma’s decision to go back to school, we moved to NYC, together this time, where we lived and worked for a few years.   
With the restrictions of the pandemic, another move presented itself and we decided to temporarily relocate to Stowe, Vermont, where Emma grew up going with family, and fell in love with it! We could spend our free time hiking, exploring the wilderness, and visiting our favorite restaurant, The Bench.  
It was here we decided to get married and found a spot that again seems like fate had a hand. We found a home, High Acres, in Shelburne, Vermont on Lake Champlain that comfortably held our families together for a weekend of celebrations and connections. And on October 3, 2020 we were married!
We are so thankful that we found each other and are thrilled that you will be joining us to celebrate our love and marriage.